This site is selling access to consumer credit counseling. You must make sure that the counselor linked here is acceptable for your jurisdiction. It is approved for the Nothern District of Indiana, and many other districts. Refunds are not given, but if it is not accepted, a low cost link to other courses will be provided within 60 days after email correspondence or a full refund will be made.The link to info videos is free and will direct you to websites where consumer credit counseling cost $35-$50. This website for only $9.98 will link to a free option.     -Thank you,

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No lawsuits allowed only ADR with Barnes & Thornburg Mediator chosen by the defendant(s). Indiana law aplies and no other law. There are no refunds for any reason and no warranties or representation. Link to the Consumer Creditor counselor which was free at the time this site was created.  Prices may change or the link may be terminated. If terminated contact my office for other low cost referrals and information as to a substitute consumer credit counselor.  Fees may apply.  Use at your own risk.  If a lawsuit is filed you will be required pay the cost of defense, including all attorney fees.  Class membership in a class action suit is waived by any and all users of this site.  Use and purchase of information in the form a link upon payment is voluntary.  Users have many other options and can call to discuss any of those options or ambiguities.  These terms are deemed clear and understood or do not uses this site and its services.
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We have found that so many persons out of work due to serious accidents or disability, must also get legal advice about filing for bankruptcy protection. So we can handle it all to better serve you.  Call our Injury HELP LINE 800-334-2889.
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