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Do you need a pre-filing Bankruptcy Certificate?
  If yes, you have come to right website. Initially, such a counselor cost between $50 and $150 per couple. Today you can do much better and even find a link to a free certificate here for less than $10.00!
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The BAPCPA requires a Certificate to file a BK. 
Debtor Education or Part 2 is required for discharge

Bankruptcy is Back! Discharging your debts is still available and easy, if you qualify. The first step toward qualifying to be debt free is to obtain a so-called “Bankruptcy Certificate” from a Consumer Credit Counseling Agency. This site a legal site and is not a Consumer Credit Counselor. Accordingly, you are only agreeing to purchase legal advice, information, or self help directions to start the process when it is time for you to get a your BK Certificate (pre-filing). Further use of this service constitutes acceptance of the terms or the agreement (H.I.). 

This legal service charges a $9.98 fee for this online advice and to proceed toward debt free living. 

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Part 1 is called "Pre-Filing Consumer 
Part 2 is called "Debor Education"

Disclaimer: We are not consumer credit counselors, but we sell legal information and bankruptcy law services, as a federal debt relief agency under the BAPCPA. We require a legal fee of $9.98 to direct clients to low cost or free counselors.